Through the generosity of our supporters, the Polish Center has grown into a prominent community center. We appreciate our past and present donors and know that without them we would not have been able to build our beautiful center that symbolizes Polish identity in the community. Currently our "Free and Clear in our Fifteenth Year" campaign aims to eliminate the mortgage debt on the Polish Center. Every dollar contributed to this project goes directly into paying down the mortgage.

Within the past few years our donors have made numerous cultural programs possible. This includes:
Our 2012 exhibit called "Polish Heroes" which documented sacrifices of Christian Poles who rescued Jewish people during World War II.
Our PCW 2018 exhibit "100th Anniversary of Polish Independence"

Between our long-term projects and continued dedication to host cultural events such as book talks, concerts and art exhibits, we will put your donations to good use. Both large and small contributions are greatly appreciated. 

Donate today and watch us continue to grow!